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A Unique Membership & Networking Group for Mama Entrepreneurs who want to ditch the overwhelm and get the support they need for growing a business, connecting with other mom bosses and raising their babies. 

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Why The Pod?

Members of orca pods very often work together to catch a meal. Pod members sometimes will force many fish into one area and then take turns feeding or will beach (slide out of the water onto the shore) themselves to scare seals or penguins into the water, where other killer whales are waiting to feed. In other words PODS help each other out, they are there for each other and they work together. I wanted to create a POD of Mama's that are all struggling with similar things, and give them a space to learn and grow!

I know it can be tough sometimes to get the support you need to run a business and a household.  I know that business coaches can cost an arm and a leg, and I know that it's hard to invest that money in yourself.  I have been there!  I am tired of hearing too many mama's not get help with their businesses just because they can't afford it or do not have the support.

That is why I created The Pod Collective.  A membership and networking community where moms can come and get the support they need, learn how to grow their businesses, stop getting stuck in the overwhelm and start taking inspired action FORWARD!  And all that AFFORDABLY for just $27 month.

What The Pod is About

Business Coaching & Training

Get Business Coaching weekly from Brooke Markevicius, Authentic Business Coach with a background in running a web design & branding business as well as project management.  She has been an entrepreneur for over 3 years and shares her knowledge with the Pod through trainings, coaching and bringing in her connections to support the Pod.  

Authentic Networking & Connection

Gain connection with other Mom Bosses through both virtual networking in a closed facebook group, but also through in person Pod Meet-Ups.  There are monthly Pod Workshops and a monthly networking events, held here in Tacoma, WA.  Have a chance to showcase your business at an event yearly, as well as be listed on our website to gain more traffic to your business, as well as the opportunity to be featured on our blog.

Less Hustle & More Flow

You will learn tips, tactics and actionable ways to ditch the hustle of entrepreneur life and embrace the flow of both business and motherhood.  As a Pod member we want you thriving in your business and enjoying those sacred motherhood moments.  There will be guest experts who come and speak to us on Self Care, Present Parenting, Mindset and more.

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Just $27/month and you can cancel at any time.

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What's Included

1. 10 Masterclass Calls from Successful Mom Bosses

2. Discount on Pod Mama Retreat (Late Spring 2018)

3. Discount on Mom Boss Summit (Fall 2018)

4. Monthly Workshop on Business
or Motherhood Topic

5. Monthly Networking & Pitch Night

6. Once a month LIVE Q&A + Hot Seat Coaching

7. Weekly Business Coaching Thread

8. Authentic Business Bundle Once a Month (see Topics Below)

9. Access to being listed on our website, featured in our newsletter/blog

10. Accountability partners

What is a Business Bundle?

I want you to get training and coaching without having to spend an arm and a leg. I want you to stay up to date on technology, know how to market your business and be able to grow. This is why I created business bundles for you each month to provide you with training that helps your business move forward and thrive. They will have videos and workbooks and be posted in the course membership site once a month. Below are some examples of Business Bundles for 2018.

1. How to use Webinars in Your Biz
2. Simple Project Management techniques to make your life easier
3. Content Planning for Busy Mamas
4. How to Run an Instagram Challenge to Grow Your List and Get Sales 
5. How to Grow Your Instagram Organically
6. Scaling your Business without the Hustle 
7. Blogging 101 - How to Make it Easy and Worth it

You Are Welcome Here Mama

Join us in the Pod today to start getting the support you need to grow your business & babies.


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